BLU Studio Energy 2 – 5000 mHa battery + Dual SIM LTE

Need a phone with 2 days of battery life from your smartphone? My wife does, because she always forget to charge her phone… so I got here this:

BLU Studio Energy 2 – it may just be the phone for people who need long battery life. It’s relatively small (5″ screen) and has pretty good specs for its $178 price tag:

  • Quad Core 1.3 GHz cpu
  • Fast LTE Dual SIM (Dual Active – can use data in either sim card)
  • 16 GB storage
  • 1.5 GB ram
  • 5″ HD Amoled screen

But the most important component of this phone and the ont that’s part of its name is a MASSIVE (non-removable) 5000 mHa battery, that will last you 2 days, assuming you don’t watch HD videos non stop. In standby mode this phone discharges only 2-3% per day!

Here is my unboxing and first impressions video:

Soon to follow will be a full review, once I finish my review of the phone that I got for myself – BLU Pure XL

2 thoughts on “BLU Studio Energy 2 – 5000 mHa battery + Dual SIM LTE”

  1. Christian

    Can you do a review of the HTC One ME, dual SIM. I want to get the phone as it has some nice specs, but I want to make sure it gets 4g or 4g Lte in the United States. Any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Leo 2x SIM Post Author

      Hi Christian,

      This phone costs $420 on Expansys. It is reported to have only AT&T LTE capability (see image below), and has similar specs to BLU Pure XL except for much smaller screen, no fingerprint scanner and less storage. So 1) it’s pretty expensive and 2) does not support T-Mobile (which I use) …

      Basically this phone is not made primarily for US market, and unfortunately I’m not going to review it – I already have a better phone, and this will be of no use to me. I buy this phones with my own money, so wasting $420 is not something I’m willing to do – sorry.

      HTC One ME - network capability

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