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CONFIRMED: BLU Studio 6 LTE does not get LTE signal on AT&T

Ever since I got my BLU Studio 6 LTE, there have been a lot of discussion and speculation whether this phone will get LTE signal on US largest GSM carrier (AT&T). Since I don’t have AT&T, mainly because they SUCK (based on my 4 years of being with them), and use T-Mobile, I knew that LTE definitely works on T-Mo. To test AT&T and to get a final definite answer, I went to my local AT&T store in Brookline, MA. I asked a sales guy (1st mistake – never talk to sales people – go straight for manager in ANY establishment) to “borrow” a SIM card for 3-5 minutes to conduct my tests, and was blown off with stupid reasons / excuses. I nearly gave up, but then said to myself – this is a lowly sales guy, and I only talk to managers – why did I even waste time – duh???

I came back to him and demanded a manager. To manager, I introduced myself a tech journalist, and said that I’m doing a test review of AT&T network on BLU Studio 6 LTE (which now costs only $202). She explained that she can’t give me a store SIM card, but she actually pulled a SIM out of her own phone and let me use it for testing (big thanks)!

AT&T LTE test on BLU STUDIO 6 LTE Video

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