Hi-end 6″ Super Amoled Dual Sim phablet – BLU Pure XL Preview

Finally there is a true high end phablet with Dual SIM capability for US market, and it will be available end of September! Enter BLU’s new PURE XL

Here is BLU PURE XL preview:

With a 6″ Quad HD Super Amoled screen, 64GB of storage complemented by a 24MP camera you can take and store crapton of hi resolution images and 4K video without needing a MicroSD card.

Fingerprint scanner lets you quickly unlock your phone (big deal for me as I always have a passcode turned on and it’s a pain to enter the key every time).

And with Octa Core MediaTek HELIO X10 CPU you can do all the productivity and gaming you need.

Oh, and did I mention Complete LTE Dual SIM support in US, Canada and Mexico? Remember how BLU Studio 6 LTE did not get LTE on AT&T? That was a bummer, and BLU has learned from their mistakes.

PS – this beauty is actually a rebranded Gionee ELIFE E8

Oh, and it is beautiful!

8 thoughts on “Hi-end 6″ Super Amoled Dual Sim phablet – BLU Pure XL Preview”

    1. Leo 2x SIM Post Author


      I looked at your ulefone and it looks like its made primarily for China market. It does not have US 3G / LTE bands.

      4G: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600(band 20, band 3, band 1, band 7)
      3G: WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100(band 5, band 8, band 2, band 1)

      Basically this phone is useless to me and in US, so I’m not going to review it.


      1. Jay

        Thank you for checking Leo. Much appreciated.
        I have been looking for a good dual SIM phone that has USA LTE bands and also fingerprint scanner and your review of the new BLU is perfect. This phone has everything I need (except I think it is a little too large for practical daily use as a work phone)
        If I do not find anything, I may go with the BLU as soon as it comes out. The price is probably going to be under $300 which is another plus

        Can you suggest any other smaller size (5.5 inch max) phones with the following features?
        1. Dual SIM
        2. USA LTE bands for AT&T (if not LTE at least 3G or HSPA)
        3. Fingerprint scanner sign on

        Thank you once again

        1. Leo 2x SIM Post Author

          You see – fingerprint scanners are RARE, so it will be hard to find. Most of them are made for Asian / Chinese markets, and do not include US 3G / LTE modems … unfortunately.

          I will be on a lookout.

          If you can do without fingerprint scanner – I’d suggest a 5″ Huawei P8 lite ( http://amzn.to/1QkOhnQ ) … I played with this phone when I was abroad, and it’s pretty nice, thin, light, metal body, US LTE Dual SIM + Warranty!!! and costs $250 … but 5″ …

          I will be reviewing this phone soon.

        2. Leo 2x SIM Post Author

          Hey Jay,

          So I have not found any phone that meets your desired specs yet, but I’ve been reviewing the BLU Pure XL and it is a great phone..

          I know the 6″ screen is a little too big and it costs $350 instead of your desired “under $300”, but the fingerprint scanner alone is worth it for me – it works great and I no longer have to enter password any time I need to unlock my phone – it is super convenient.

  1. Jay

    Thank you Leo

    I was also looking at the Oukitel U10 . It has fingerprint and dual sim but probably same story on the US 3G/4G situation
    here is the link: http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_203831.html
    not sure if this one even gives 3G or HSDPA here in the US on AT&T. I am on AT&T

    And also the Kingzone N3 . ALso has fingerprint and dual SIM.
    This guy reviewing it on youtube says it gives 3G here in the US
    This part pf the review states he is getting 3g – not sure if tmob or at&t

    Here are the specs

    1. Leo 2x SIM Post Author


      Most of these China phones do not have proper US 3G / LTE bands, and you will most likely have problems with data in US … it’s rather difficult to find good Dual SIM phones for US market …

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