OnePlus Two or OnePlus X

I am planning to review on (or maybe both) of the new ONE PLUS phones – the One Plus Two or One Plus X, and I would like your suggestions one which one you are more interested in.

Both of these phones have US Dual SIM support and according to several sources, One Plus Two will support T-Mobile’s Band 12, as well as AT&T LTE network, while One Plus X will not support T-Mobile Band 12, and will not support AT&T Band 17 (700MHz) which it uses for most LTE connections.

So – are you interested in either of these Dual SIM phones and do you want me to review either of these? Please let me know in the comments below.

Quick specks on both of these phones:

One Plus Two

5.5″ QHD LED Display
Snapdrangon 810 (underclocked to keep temps down)
16 or 64 GB storage

One Plus X

5″ FHD LED Screen
Snapdragon 801
16 GB storage
DUAL SIM LTE (partial US coverage – see above)

2 thoughts on “OnePlus Two or OnePlus X”

  1. Pete

    Thanks for doing these reviews. I’m looking to get a dual sim phone for a work/personal phone and need LTE with Tmobile and AT&T. I’m interested in both of these phones, the Oneplus 2 and Oneplus X. If you could do a review on both of them that would be great. Also I’m intrigued at how these phones stack up against the Blu Pure XL and Blu Studio Energy II, respectively. Have you thought about doing a Oneplus 2 vs Blu Pure XL and a Oneplus X vs Blu Studio Energy II?

    Anyway, thanks for your reviews. If I buy one of these phones, I’ll for sure use your links so you get compensation.


    1. Leo 2x SIM Post Author

      Pete, if you need LTE on At&t then OnePlus X is not for you. It lacks Band 17 which AT&T primarily uses for its LTE connection, so in most part of US you will be out of luck… OnePlus X is also missing Band 12 for T-Mobile, which improves connection in buildings and in rural areas …

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