Review of BLU Studio 6 LTE Dual SIM

BLU Studio 6 LTE

BLU Studio 6 LTE Review

The BLU Studio 6 LTE name pretty much says what the phone is all about – it’s a 6″ IPS display phone, which is DUAL SIM, and can connect to an LTE network (in US, LTE will only work on T-Mobile, while on AT&T you will only get 3G HSPA+), a quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, and a massive 3200 mHa battery that last you ALL day and then some:

Here is my Full Review of the phone after 2 weeks of testing as my primary phone:

The phone retails for ONLY $206 on Amazon – when I purchsed it, I paid $265 for it. If you want to save on sales tax (which amazon charges) choose a 3rd party seller with free shipping.

Here is my unboxing video of this phone, which I did before the full review, and at that time, I did not know all things about this phone.

I received over 100 comments and questions about this phone on youtube, and here I will answer most common questions, as well as some of my findings:

1) This phone will work on ALL us GSM carriers, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, etc., including MVNO’s (MetroPCS, StraightTalk, NET10, Simple Mobile, Cricket)
2) This phone will not work on VERIZON or SPRINT, or any MVNO that uses these two CDMA networks (Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, etc)
3) You can only get LTE service on this phone with T-Mobile or MVNO’s that use T-Mobile’s network (MetroPCS, SimpleMobile and Straight Talk – must have T-mo compatible Sim Card from Straight Talk).
4) The battery last you ALL day or more, with normal usage.
5) The call quality and volume are very good.
6) The camera is pretty good, but camera APP is very poor, and you are best to use 3rd party app from Play Store.

5 thoughts on “Review of BLU Studio 6 LTE Dual SIM”

  1. Nicolo

    Loved your initial review of the BLU Studio 6 LTE. One question though: have you found an LTE dual SIM that supports T-Mobile USA’s wi-fi calling. Where I live in CT I have no cell signal so rely on wi-fi calling; ditto when I am out of the US for 6 months of the year (and it’s the reason I have been with TMO so long as I rely on wi-fi calling for US calls and then have a separate UK phone for Europe calls).

    1. Leo 2x SIM Post Author


      Unfortunately, until T-mo makes and certifies such dual sim phone, you WILL NOT get wifi calling …. and from what it looks like, it’s very unlikely … unless they decide to “brand” ASUS zenfone 2 or Huawei P8 lite …. I also hope they do it, but there isn’t a single dual sim phone officailly form any US carriers

    2. Leo 2x SIM Post Author

      As an option you can rely on T-mo’s international roaming – talk to them about calls to “local numbers” when abroad and see how much they are .. You already get free data roaming and free texts to and from US

      1. Nicolo

        Thanks, Leo. Issue is that where I live in CT which is pretty rural there is no cell coverage, so the only way I can get phone service there is through Wi-Fi calling unless I procure a VOIP number (eg Skype) and forward all my incoming calls there. I have never wanted an iPhone but if Apple comes up with a dual SIM…..

        1. Leo 2x SIM Post Author

          i think t=mo will make dual sim phone before apple does 🙂
          i know verizon works pretty well in ct even in rural area… what about att?

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